Shasta County Farm Bureau Logo Redesign


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Shasta County Farm Bureau New Logo SetThis was a fun project…  The Shasta County Farm Bureau wanted me to redesign their logo and take emphasis off of the “county” part, mainly because they aren’t a county based organization, they merely cover the Shasta County territory.  They wanted something clean, and they had decided on the elements they wanted to incorporate:  Cow, calf, honey/bees, Mt. Shasta, pine trees and making it look less corporate so it was obvious that they are not a government agency. That’s a bit challenging because just the word “bureau” insinuates a government agency.

The board decided they wanted the logo to be arranged slightly different for all of their different uses (i.e. Letterhead, Advertisements, Email Signatures, etc.).  So I came up with this “logo set” for them.  The top one will typically be used in email signatures or in places where they need a compact version.  The 2nd one down they call the “Light Version”, this version will likely be used in email signatures, too; it will also be used for embroidery, along with the 3rd one down.  The bottom one they refer to as the “Full Logo”, this one will appear on banners, printed advertisements and on all of their promotional products that aren’t screen printed or embroidered.  I’m rather pleased with this 2 color logo, each of the lighter green variations are a screen back of the dark green color, keeping it in the 2 color realm.  One element I wasn’t allowed to eliminate was the FB insignia, only because they are a part of the California Farm Bureau Federation.

This was a fun project to work on, I really enjoy redesigning logos.  If you don’t know what the Shasta County Farm Bureau does for us in this area, I highly recommend you educate yourself on their hard work.  They are the reason you have beef in your freezer and agriculture availability.  The Farm Bureau helps people in the Ag community throughout the county.  They also put on a heck of a rodeo every year in McArthur!


Umsted’s Smokehouse BBQ


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I admit it, I’m a country girl. I grew up in the sticks out in Cottonwood, CA.  We have had the pleasure of having Grandma’s Favorite BBQ out here in Palo Cedro for the last couple years.  Her sauce is pretty addicting, by the way!  So, recently they made the big decision to move into Redding at the corner of East Cypress & Larkspur, and they wanted to change the name and all their artwork, too.  This is the final of their new logo (a sheriff’s badge was the request, and they also asked me to incorporate their cattle brand somewhere).  Click on the link below to see what I did for their “modern country” themed to-go menu.  These are basically 2 sided flyers folded in half.  They are opening up in their new location mid-January 2012, so go check them out (see map on menu).

Click Here to download the digital pdf menu—> Umsteds Smokehouse BBQ Menu


Palo Cedro Chamber of Commerce
New Logo


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This was fun… had to come up with a new logo for our Chamber of Commerce.  I surveyed a bunch of locals, asked them, “what’s the first thing that you think of when Palo Cedro comes to mind?” Most people said horses or oak trees (because that’s really what’s out here).  So even though the name “Palo Cedro” translates as “Cedar Tree”, I did a lot of the logo concepts to include oak trees.  There was much debate with the board of directors about whether to use the cedar tree or the oak tree.  It actually got pretty heated so I made everyone vote privately via email on it.  Made them vote for their 3 favorites, then narrowed it down to 3 finalists… then they had to vote from those 3.  The new logo is simple and elegant don’t you agree?


We’re going GREEN!


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Not sure if you’ve heard the news, but we are going green…  I am gradually replacing all of my tree murdering papers with tree free and 100% recycled papers.  I have items in stock currently printed on papers made with fiber from banana, mango, coffee, lemon, cigar and hemp.  I also have an array of 100% post-consumer recycled stocks.

I’m liquidating out all of the tree based papers at cost, so get your ace into the store and buy up some of this stuff!  I have papers ranging in weight from letterhead to cardstock and I also have envelopes available.

K & M Custom Trophies Business Card


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My friend Valerie owns K & M Custom Trophies in Redding, she told me the other day that she’d had the same design on her cards for almost 30 years.  I was not going to let her get away with ordering cards from me for the first time using an old black & white layout that was just text!  She said “do what ever you want, just keep it simple cuz I know there’s a lot of info on it”.

It wasn’t too hard to imagine what I wanted to do:  she does a lot of plaques with the wood base and engraved brass plates.  I found a nice high resolution image of some walnut wood (the choice wood for plaques), then I added some color boost to it thru photoshop.  I placed it into inDesign and just drew the plates.  I used a bevel/emboss technique to make the little plates look more dimensional, and then I drew some tiny screws for the corners.  Some drop shadows to the plates and “viola” it rocks.

She has the hours posted on her window, they’re kinda funny and she said she’d like them on her card if I could make it work with a map.  I just drew a tiny map & typeset the funny hours for the backside.