Ono Wines Smokin’ Labels

before & after photoshop effects

I’ve been doing labels for this winery for a while.  They have a really unique chunk of property in Ono, CA.  The vineyards are literally on the side of rolling hills surrounded by beautiful natural grasses, oak trees and weeping willows.  Their property is so awesome, and the winery room is just down hill from the vines.  They raise miniature donkeys, hence the label image.  Their farm is a real working mini farm, chickens and goats and the cutest dog too!

So, a couple of years ago there was a huge wild fire in the area, and it burned most of the acreage around them. The days of smoke in the air imparted some flavor into their barrels full of their red wines.  After bottling and the tastings, they’ve all come to agree upon the “smoky” flavor to the wines.  Now, the fun part…

I got asked to take the original background art for their labels (on the left), and make it “smokin”.  I wanted to keep it simple, and not deviate too far from the original donkey artwork because that is pretty much their brand marking.  I brought the background art into photoshop, cut some triangles out of random areas on the edges, then applied a slight warp filter to the main layer.  To create the burned effect, i selected with a 35 pixel feather loosely around the cut triangles using the marquee tool, did the layer tricks & filled it with a dark brown layer set on multiply.  I downloaded some smoke brushes from Brusheezy.com and put some transparent white/grey smoke from the donkey’s nostrils just for added effect… I finished the rest using indesign for layout, that way I can keep this consistent background for all their smokin’ varietals (syrah, cab, etc.)  The image on the right is the first proof… updates to come when approval from client is met!.

Mincer’s Honey Labels

Love these folks… I’ve done a couple of other labels for their bottles, this one will go on the lid of their 1 pound tub of creamed honey.  If you have never had creamed honey, you’re missing out!  This product is absolutely delicious!!!  You can find Mincer’s at the Redding Farmer’s Market at City Hall on Cypress Ave.  Find their booth and eat their honey!!!

We’re going to print these full color labels on pre-kiss-cut 2.5″ label stock.  There are 12 labels on an 8.5×11 sheet, so at $1.50 a sheet for full color, the labels are pretty cost effective in small quantities (each circle label costs $0.125).  You can’t get full color labels for less than 12 and a half cents wholesale unless you buy 10,000 or more.  (I checked with an outside vendor on that one)..

Happy Face Stickers

So we have a client that is an esthetician (the girl that does all the stuff for your skin & face at the salon).  She likes to give away cute things, she asked us to draw her a “boy” and a “girl” sticker that will cut down to 2″ x 2″.  We were able to get 20 on one sheet of 8.5 x 11 label stock. Tony did a great job drawing these little guys in vector using inDesign CS4.  The client was extra pleased!

These turned out real cute!